Fully Integrated Customer Focused Messaging by Tendant

Fully Integrated Messaging for a Complete Customer Experence

Conversations in Tendant are not simply an exchange of text messages.

Our state-of-the-art chat (messaging) system has features you’ll find nowhere else. Features intended to make you more efficient and more effective by providing functionality that makes it easy to communicate quickly with your clients, prospects, and partners. As a result you can drive more business using the true power of conversation.

  • No other chat system anywhere fully integrates voicemail. All voicemail messages to you are automatically transcribed and made available in the chat (along with the recording). For mobile calls you receive, it’s “a breeze” to respond by text, keeping all messages in a single unified system
  • Share images, documents, videos, and other important media and files with your contacts in a few taps on your smartphone screen
  • Automatically launch questionnaires, surveys, feedback forms and other automated data capture templates directly from the chat – this saves time for routine tasks such as prospect qualification, client onboarding, referral contact capture, and more.
  • Quickly see all data forms completed by a given contact with one tap on your smartphone screen – this means that you can rapidly access all feedback and questionnaire information completed by a prospect, client, or business partner with a single tap.
  • View voicemails in chat at the time they were received and in the context of your chat-message timeline. This is a powerful feature that allows you to view exactly where in the timeline voicemails were received so you’re always aligned, and presenting a highly professional image
  • One tap access to call history
  • One tap ability to initiate a call to your client, prospect or business partner. This saves time looking for phone numbers on your phone or scrolling through messages to find contact information